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I hope the readers of this blog can separate the message from the messenger, as I know several people on the blog don’t like me very much. In any event, I wanted to expand on an idea I brought up on one of the threads and something I very much believe.

This isn’t a “can’t we all just get along” article. I don’t think “getting along” is more important than principles.

I believe we need both the “right” and the “left” in our dialogue, and we need all the people in between. For purposes of this article, I will dismiss the far radical right and the far radical left. Those people are for the most part, the same. The more radical they become, the more they resemble each other. They are all usually disparate malcontented one-issue fanatics whose world-views allow no room for any other point of view and who will resort to violence and destruction to achieve their goals (assuming they have goals … it could be that violence and destruction ARE the goals). They do not represent the general thinking of “normal” people of either the left or the right and should not be confused with thoughtful citizens.

I believe the current administration represents the radical left and not the run-of-the-mill liberal Democrats. Because the administration are the ones currently in power, they represent a threat to the stability of the nation. They need to be defeated to restore stability. None of our previous administrations of either the Democratic or Republican party wanted to fundamentally change the underpinnings of the principles on which this nation was founded. I believe this administration does. President Obama has said that is his goal … to fundamentally change America.

If you picture our nation as a suspension bridge, it is the tension between the left and the right that holds the bridge level. There are people on the ground on both ends of the bridge and a multitude of people at different points on the bed of the bridge … some are more toward the left end and some toward the right and many in the middle. Their destination is fluid and they move back and forth and some can be enticed to move toward one end or the other because they really do not hold firm beliefs.

Whenever the people on the left, or right, start hauling the bridge toward themselves, it upsets the balance on the bridge and the folks on the other end start hauling for all they are worth toward themselves, trying to level the bridge. The harder one side or the other hauls, the harder is the pull-back of the other side. Meanwhile, the people on the bridge will seek stability. If one side or the other succeeds in hauling too far toward themselves, the bed of the bridge will collapse just like the Galloping Gertie bridge collapsed in Tacoma Narrows in 1940. Fortunately, no people were killed. They had warning. On our bridge, the people have nowhere to go. The people on the bed of the bridge will tumble off and the people on the right and left banks will have no way to bridge the gap.

You can use your own analogy if you want to … perhaps a game of tug of war played over a mud puddle. You’ve seen when one side wins. The defeated side winds up facedown in the mud. But the winning side usually winds up falling on their rear ends if the defeated side lets go of the rope.

I do not like liberalism at all and particularly do not like the more radical version being demonstrated by the current administration. I think it is destructive to America as it was founded. Therefore, I am one of the ones on the right end of the bridge hauling back as hard as I can toward my side. I want a stable, level bridge. I don’t want the bridge to collapse. There are those on the other side who do not like conservatism at all and think it is destructive to America and who are hauling for all they are worth toward their side. It is the tension between us that allows the bridge to remain stable.

Our country is made up of people of all political opinions and each of us is needed to maintain the tension. We do not need to do this quietly or even politely, but we all ought to recognize that it is the tension between us that keeps the bridge stable.

This article is NOT a call for everyone to meet in the middle. With no tension on the opposite ends of the bridge, the bridge would sag of its own weight. The tension is necessary. The fact of life? There will always be liberals. There will always be conservatives. There will always be the give and take between us.

Our founders built us a beautiful bridge whose anchors go deep into bedrock. We need to have a care we don’t cause the bed of the bridge to collapse. I fear there are those that would prefer the bridge to collapse and to then rebuild it to their own ideological specifications. I prefer the bridge the founders built and will be doing everything in my power to maintain it.

Written by SoSueMe
Naples Tea Party Blog Contributor
Member of the Naples Tea Party

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