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Like many of you out there, I am a veteran of a particular war, mine was the Vietnam Conflict, and I was told, as a naive youngster, that the Veterans Administration promised to be there when I needed them. Well, that's not always been the case. I have had to fight very hard, at times, to realize that long-standing promise.
We have all heard the phrase, "with the best of intentions," all too often, attributed to the V.A. If you believe the V.A. is overwhelmed with "unintended consequences," I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!
Let me give you an example. Of course, the V.A. is always interested in hearing from you, and to that end, they are constantly updating and improving their phone system. To many of us locally, the Fort Myers V.A. Outpatient Clinic is our source for medical treatment, and for many years it was understaffed with just one telephone operator. That has all changed! In the past few months they have assigned just one operator to now answer all calls from Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Sebring, Marco Island and Naples. So,if your calls go unanswered, it certainly isn't by mistake. Is there any question why, so often, our phone calls go unanswered?
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jimstaro writes:

Well brother 'Nam Vet, '70-'71 last of my four, take a look around, see All those adult people, like you they're called 'tax payers', i.e. contributors to the needs and especially wants used daily, many want but don't want to pay themselves, They, not the VA, are the problem! Especially with their want for Wars of Choice, like ours and the two present occupations of destruction. From Korea forward they cheer War but ignore results of because, as they don't serve, they don't want to pay for the results of, but really have no problem with the ever rising costs, and corruption, of the Toys of Weapons of Mass Destruction, i.e. Defense Budgets! So look no further then a mirror, for you to are one, and your neighbors and beyond and Don't Whine about the VA!!

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